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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

Week 2 Weigh In

Today was weigh in day, I was quite excited to jump on the scales and seriously hoping to get the big 5 in front of the weight. Before I jumped on I had to give myself a huge talking to about how I wasn't going to get upset over the number and I wouldn't binge or sabotage myself. That agreed on I jumped on, saw 60.3. Was annoyed for a minute, then I realised I still lost 800g this week, and given my mixed week of food choices this was probably the best I could hope for.

So today was crazy, I picked up Nan (not the sick one) from the airport and went to take her home, she then asked me to stop and pick up some stuff she dropped off a shop a few weeks ago, which was the other side of the city to her house, so that used an extra hour. When I got to her house, she then asked if I wanted to go to lunch so we went down to the bakery and Nan (who is awesome around my food choices now-the most supportive of my whole family) and ordered me a chicken and salad sandwich, they had none without butter or mayo so she made them make me one specifically =P It was so good, and totally awesome that she ordered it for me like that.

The rest of the day was spent chasing around, visiting cousins and whatever else. I was stressing out over getting to work experience on time, especially given I had no uniform with me (having not expected to spend the entire day with nan) and wasnt wearing enough appropriate clothing to work with teenage boys. I ended up getting to the shops slightly early and running into target and finding a pair of shorts on sale for $4 and a polo shirt for $5 luckily I had some old sneakers in the boot so I was all set.

Work experience turned out ok. On the way home I was feeling a little cruddy over the fact I hadn't exercised yet today ( I woke up with a head that felt like a sledgehammer and stuffed with cotton wool), turned out I was fine, just very tired. I messaged a friend and comitted to going for a quick run when I got home, regardless of how cold it was or how tired I was. Got home changed shoes grabbed my ipod and was out the door in about 2 mins flat (less chance of stopping). I decided to do C25K wk 5 D1 track, which is 5mins running with 3mins walking repeated 3 times. So in total I ran for 15 mins. This felt really good, yes my legs pulled a little and I ached and I was working hard, I still really enjoyed it. I realised thats why I started running to enjoy myself and enjoy the quiet time of the morning or night when no one else is around, just me and the environment.

Tomorrow is going to be tough, I've got a counselling session in the morning, so want to go to the gym earlier to get it over with cos I know I wont want to after, in saying that I also know I could possibly be in a mood to smash it up. So tomorrow will be interesting food wise as well, I struggle when I come straight out of her sessions because the central markets are right across the road with allsorts of treats and bad things as well as good fruit stores etc.

So anyway I'll see how tomorrow goes as it goes, staying strong as much as possible, yet opening up when i need to.

Take care

PS- I saw another sunrise this morning going for 3/3 tomorrow morning =) and aiming for a photo at some point

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  1. Hey there most awesome CSC! :)
    Awesome work on the run :) so proud of you!
    You will be fine tommorow- just think of reaching your goal and how close you are to it! :)
    Awesome work on the weight loss- 800g is fantastic!!