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Round 3 12WBT

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 3- Weigh In!!! =$

Well its Wednesday which means weigh in is here. Up I got and on I hopped, surprisingly I saw -1.1kgs (61.1kgs). This was surprising because of TTOM bloat that is currently in progress, the amount of salt laden crap I ate in the days after Sydney and the amount of salt I ate last night. So all in all very happy with my progress this week.

I've realised a few things have to be tighter, like when I wake up in the morning no more laying in bed considering getting up (it doesnt help that i'm on holidays for 2 weeks so can afford the luxury of the sleep in) I need to get up and do it. Another thing I've realised is my calorie burn on exercise is slowing way down now, so I really need to make sure at least a few of my sessions each week are gut busters.

I also ticked one of my goals this morning, was to try BodyCombat which is a martial arts based fighting class with out contact (u dont actually hit anyone) was a lot of fun and i"ll definitely be going again. Calorie burn wasnt helped by the fact the class was in the 45 min timeslot and I had to choose some of the lower impact options because I had no idea how to coordinate the feet with hands LOL so got 263 for 45mins. But its 200 odd more than I would of got laying in bed considering going.

In other news my ankles are finally starting to feel normal, the left is still quite tender and came up a bit bruised but swelling has pretty much gone down now. My wrist is still bruised and I think my black eyes are going down (I was trying to remove the vacuum head from the hose and it was jammed on quite tight, it came off and clocked myself straight between the eyes with the head, whilst wearing my glasses, so have had a couple of awesome black eyes the past few days, got me some great looks I can tell you).

I'm off now to finish up around the house, tidy my room and head into the city to meet a friend for catchup, coffee and shopping =)

Hope you all went well with weigh in
Talk to you soon



  1. Great loss Mel! And good on you for trying something new

  2. Fantastic weight loss! Body Combat is awesome, just be careful because once you get the hang of it it becomes addictive!

  3. Thanks ladies I was suprised at how easily I got the hang of combat, I believe it will become a regular training addition =P

    BTW Cyn I've heard stories of how addictive combat is one of my best friends is a combat junkie LOL