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Round 3 12WBT

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 Round 3
So the plan was to be at the 6:15 RPM class and if I couldn't get into the class then I would do the advanced gym machines. That was before I was awake until 2am with stomach cramps. My alarm did still go off at 5:40 and I was awake, but still felt quite cruddy. I probably should of turned around and just got up and went, but I had the lack of sleep head fog and then my head said oh your on holidays dont worry about it go later. I ended up resetting the alarm for 8am to make the 930 class.

Again alarm went off and I struggled by then I was awake enough but my legs were feeling rather horrible from the run yesterday which also gave the head another excuse to shove down my throat. However I ignored it and got up and dressed, once I was dressed it was a lot harder to turn around and say oh now your not training.

So off I headed to the gym, because it took me so darned long to get ready I was in serious trouble of missing the class or it being full by the time I got there. I did have options though as attack is held at the same time (but I didnt feel like the legs were strong enough to push through attack after the run). Anyhow I got to the gym with about 2 mins to spare and raced up jumped on the bike and got going.

This was the first time I'd had a class with this instructor and I have to say she's probably my favourite one of all the rpm instructors at my gym. I find it strange to say that I really enjoyed track 5 today (I know weird) however I do have a burning hate for the Night Train track 7, my gym has been doing a mix of releases for the past month or so and it seems that every rpm class I've done in the past 3 weeks has used night train as track 7 and I hate it! (end of rant).

So total for the class was 434 cals which is actually one of my highest burns for RPM. I seem to have trouble pushing for higher cals in the class I'm hoping it improves as I get more used to the class and where I can push myself etc.

I left the class feeling much better and caught up with another 12wbter who I met during round 2 and is also doing round 3 which helped because I knew someone else was potentially watching me to ensure I didnt' slack off.

Came home had shower and breakfast and then headed out to shops for a few ingredients that I'd forgotten and lets just say the dairy cabinet was calling my name.... and er I may have come home with a tub of chocolate mousse that I didnt plan on buying. However the good news is that both tubs combined was only 200 cals (cos i kinda the first one then got through 1/2 of second before I woke up to myself and then threw it out). Otherwise food has been on track.

Spent the day pretty relaxing I've given myself until Thursday to relax and then I'll focus on my homework as well as relaxing time. And then tonight I was sitting here not long ago thinking I'm not hungry and bored nothing on tv, so I did another stretch and then thought the smart idea would be to do a toning dvd so I can get a start on tomorrows workout.

So as you do I decided to do another session and try Mish's TTT workout for the first time. I struggled with some of the cardio parts cos my quads were quite tight, but I still pushed as hard as I could and did the whole thing altho using some low impact options. I only burnt 200 odd cals but its made me feel a lot better about the chocolate mousse incident.

Now tomorrows plan is to try step for the first time in line with my goals. I will get to class earlier so I can have time to do a gentle warm up and stretch my legs out and introduce myself to the instructor before hand. This is another instructor I've never had before so it'll be interesting to see how I like both the class and the instructor.

Ok now confession time another thing I realised last night was the fact that my weighing habit has turned slightly crazy. I've gotten into a really bad habit of weighing myself everyday more often than not more than once per day and it does nothing for me. I know its good. So I'm committing right here and now that I am not going to weigh in except on a Wednesday for weigh in for the entire 12 weeks.

Oh other exciting news is I had a call from AIF (Australian Institute of Fitness) today about the enquiry I put in over the weekend. Because my degree is effectively a sports science the main job we come out with at an entry level is PT/fitness industry and private industry rehab/consultancy/health programming. But the issue is whilst we are studying there is a perception in the industry we dont know anything and aren't effectively qualified as a 'PT' which creates issues when looking for career specific jobs during study time. So my thoughts were to talk to someone about completing cert III and IV and because of my studies I should be able to get heaps of RPL. So I now have an appointment for 3pm tomorrow afternoon to go and talk to the guy about my options/study stream/costs etc. I'm not sure I do want to be a PT because my interest is more in the rehab area and I'm considering a couple of options for postgrad/further study however as an in between option its quite exciting. But this means I MUST get myself happening on diet and exercise. Its also going to force me out of my comfort zone in a big way. I'm hoping if I can work out to do the course it gives me more confidence in my skills, because uni teaches us the info we dont get many opportunitites to get field experience.

Anyhow I'll be sure to fill you in on the details tomorrow

take care
Mel =)

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