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Thursday, September 16, 2010

PS Task 3- Goals, goals and more goals

Just before I write goals I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read my story and messaged or replied to me on twitter and facebook. Thank you for your messages, I automatically wanted to disregard them and really had to force myself to see that you didn't hate me and that I am not a bad person for needing to share this. I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to actually read this so it was a shock when people did. I get into a space when I'm writing here that its more just a journal for me, which is why it gets so long and wordy, and to receive positive comments on it made my day- along with making me freak out that people had read it, but thats why I put it out there to change the way I see it. I know I keep repeating myself here but I'm going with the thought that th more I say it and the more I come to mean it the more it will help and I will see things differently

Ok goals are something relatively easy for me to do (in comparison to everything else at least).

1 Month
complete at least 1 combat class
complete at least 1 attack class
try fat burner (class at gym no idea what it is)
be under 60kgs for first time ever
have a JOB!
complete 10km race for life with other 12wbters in time under 1hr (this may change depending on how fast I run the 12km City-Bay this weekend)

checking gym timetable and diarising the classes
JFDI when I want to leave and get scare because I'll look unco or wont know what I'm doing
Maybe see if I can go with other 12wbters (a few of us are at same gym)
Follow the 12wbt program including all the strength sessions using either dvd or outdoor programs if I can't force myself to the gym

2 month
Climb Mount Lofty at least once!
I've never done the full climb, last round I got about 3/4 the way up with a friend but it got dark so we had to leave early.

Follow training plan to the letter, including all the treddy sprints, wall sits, abs, stretching and all the parts I didn't quite follow in the last rounds

3 Month
If I get to the trainng session (depending on dates) complete the advanced training session
If not complete another version of the triathlon or major milestone
Be between 51-54 kgs (determine ultimate goal when I get there)
run 5km under 30mins preferably in a race, I'm checking possibilities now, however once again uni dates need to be factored in.
Fit into and wear the pair of Esprit shorts which are hanging off my mantel piece

Keep training
Keep pushing the positive mantras and messages in my head
Research and follow a 5k speed training program including all the sprints, hill runs, treadmill sprints etc

6 month
10km less than hour (again depending on current times this will be updated as I go)
maintain weight within 2 kgs of goal weight

follow training plan
keep training after events dont just get to event and say ok thats over now find new goals, stretch the boundaries and keep pushing myself and my comfort zone

12 month
run 1/2 marathon at Gold Coast with my uncle and other 12wbters

maintaining strength training and other cardio
following training program
being committed to the goal
signing up early so I have less time to talk myself out of it
continuing the nutrition and workout plans

I dont usually go for the rewards system, well I guess I do, just not in a specific way. One thing I've been telling people for ages is when i get to my goal weight (around 52kgs) I will buy a proper pair of skins or 2xu compression pants/shorts. I love these but cant justify spending the money on them when I am still loosing weight/changing shape so often.

Other rewards will probably be new clothes every so often, having money from the job (dream come true). I am also planning a few trips around the place-nothing concrete but just ideas at this stage, so would be great to tie in something weight or fitness related with those ideas.

So thats goals done, I probably need to come back after I've diarised and organised to really sit down and nut out proper plans but the basic info is there


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