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Friday, April 22, 2011

I feel a story coming on.....

Ok its been a while since I've been on here. It felt strange coming back to here, its been a while since i"ve been in a place like this.

A lot has happened since I last wrote and in no particular order I'll attempt to fill you in

  • i've moved house (yay!!!) finally away from the horrendous influences I was with
  • i had life under control for a while
  • moving house involved family and we all got on!
  • current job is still going steady, coming up to 6 months on
  • i've also managed to network my way to 5 different research positions at uni- meaning I work with my lecturers and tutors on various projects
  • I"ve discovered the research side of academics really interests me
  • I've been provisionally accepted to study honours this year once I graduate
  • I have a meeting next week with one of Australia's leading experts on childhood obesity and activity patterns to determine a project
  • I have 7 wks and 2 written exams left of my Bachelor degree
  • my softball team lost our grand final by 1 run in the second tiebreaker
  • I completed my level 1 softball Australia accreditation and will be presented with it at the SA softball association awards next weekend.
  • I have a new addiction to Lush
Now the not so cool stuff
  • I was forced to move quickly after housemate went crazy with hedge shears (end result I missed being speared by a small margin and spent the next 4 wks living in my room for fear of upsetting him) which brought up a lot of old feelings
  • few weeks back a second report was made to crisis line, this time police were invovled, I arrived home to a note saying police tried to call at my hosue and a missed call. I lost control of the situation, it was up to them when they acted and what they did, who they told and how it was told. 
  • said police intervention happened a few days ago (certain someone has gone crazy wild, but as yet not linked it back to me)
  • he thinks it was an aunty who reported, I believe it was another relative who had access to my journals while i was moving (and I know they were read without my knowledge). 
  • My nan almost certainly has under a week to live at the moment. I'm 750km away and can't get back to see her. Last time I saw her 3 weeks ago at a wedding she told me it would be the last time I saw her alive, so yeah thats going great (not)
  • My counsellor is leaving, she's 7 months pregnant, only issue is a new counsellor, with all these new stresses is a huge huge deal for me. As we said goodbye on the phone yesterday she told me I had to go to the first appointment regardless of how hard it is, I laughed, she knows me too well. 
So yeah thats me at the moment

weight and exercise wise, things haven't been great. I'm the first to admit that while I was living at old house I wasn't able to use the kitchen for months (due to dirt, mould, dishes etc) so I effectively lived on takeaway, which wasn't helpful in any way. Exercise wise I've struggled to find the groove since I injured my glute back in December, but I have joined a new gym, and am ringing on Wednesday to ask about a tour, because I haven't yet had it and hopefully it will give me more confidence. Now that life is more stable I am eating much better (cooking at home, preparing and freezing) which is a good sign. 

Needless to say in the midst of all that chaos in the first few months I didn't have either the time or money to do R1 of 12wbt. But  now things are better I'm considering coming back for R2 when it opens next week. But the reasoning behind that is whole other post.

M xx