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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 9 Sunrise, TTT and umpiring

I did it!!!! I saw a sunrise!! (I was going to take a photo but my phone went silly again, I promise there will be a photo by the end of this week =) Woke up at 5:30am and did some stretches (much needed) whilst waiting for the sun to rise. I know I said last week while I was on my way to the gym or exercising, but my legs were very sore and I was going on around 4hrs of sleep so I was happy just to stay awake enough to watch the sun come up. I did fall back asleep not long after, but that didn't bother me as much, because I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage on 4hrs sleep tonight anyway. I think I woke up again at around 7.30-8am which is actually pretty decent for me on a holiday (yes sleeping patterns are also part of the problem). Felt quite good when I woke up again, so got straight into TTT (tight toned terrific) and went for it. OMG my arms have been jelly all day since. Seriously I hate tricep pushups, although I did come up with another goal for the end of this round to be able to do 5 full tricep pushups (on toes) currently I can do 1/2 (aka lower down and then collapse). Yes I know I just said I hate them (believe me I have zero tricep strength) so this is going to push me to work on it.

Calories for the dvd were 332, which is pretty good for me, I used my heavier 3kg weights this time and really pushed hard in the cardio sections. I do have to make a comment about my abs, they are on fire right now. I just climbed onto my bed to be more comfy to write this post up and as soon as I took my feet from the ground OUCH! I think I'm gonna be one sore little cookie (sugar and fat free offcourse) tomorrow. I also did another 1/2 hr on the xtrainer to boost my cals past the 500 mark for the day to meet my goal ;)

In other news, my foam roller arrived today and I was most excited and also a little nervous (at the pain I was going to inflict upon myself) to use it. It went pretty well, I did a quick sit and reach test and even after only doing my hamstrings and calves my flexibility had at least doubled. My left leg is very tight though so I'm trying to work out why it is so much worse than the right (and yes I have been stretching equally-more on left side cos  I've been feeling it is tight) I also discovered my ITB was very very tender could hardly put any pressure on it. Overall I felt a lot looser after using it so looking forward to making it a regular part of my routine.

Food today has been awesome, very proud to say I've eaten well despite the fact my housemates have eaten pie and cheesecake and chocolate mousse and popcorn and chips in front of me for most of the afternoon. It was hard and a few times I had to take my teenager for a walk to the other end of the house (particularly when offered tuna instead of sugar umm hello?). One thing that has helped my food today has been my cravings for stiryfry! yes I know how strange, so yesterday I finally went out and bought myself a cheap wok pan and a heap of veggies, which I chopped up and are in the fridge ready for a quick meal anytime. I made one last night, which was very low cal and could only eat about 1/2 of it in the end cos it was so filling! Tonight I have a craving for prawns, I've been looking at the chilli, lemon prawn recipe for the past week and just kept forgetting and not finding any nice prawns when I went looking. So I'm off after I finish writing this to find prawns and have a yummo dinner.

I'm a little disappointed tonight, I would normally go the 6.30rpm class at my gym, however tonight I have an umpiring clinic for softball. I really dont feel like going but I kinda have to because I was asked to umpire at the local junior carnival this weekend and will receive a small payment for doing so, but the idea of standing outside just up from the windy airport for 2hours really doesnt' take my fancy when I could be sitting on a bike sweating it out like mad and really busting for a last chance training. Anyway I have to go to it, I've done my 500cal day today which is the best I can do.

Now for tomorrows weigh in, theres been a lot of talk on twitter this afternoon about weights and goals. My biggest milestone weight is getting under 60 and I'm hopeful with everything thats changed this week I can do that tomorrow. The closest I've gotten so far is 60.2 and I feel lighter than that now, its just a matter of time to see what my body adapts to I guess. I also had a check of my healthy weight range and was really surprised to find that my healthy range is between roughly 48-58.5kgs (yes I'm a short one=P), For some reason I had it in my head that my healthy range started at 56kgs and was thinking I was still a good 5kg away from that. But it turns out I'm only 2.6 (as of last weeks weight) to get there, so fingers crossed I should see a BMI of 25 sometime in the next 3 weeks (hopefully 2).

Well I reckon thats me up to date for now, I must head off and get these prawns and then rug up for what will be a freezing night.

Tomorrows plan is confusing. The issue is both RPM and the full length combat classes are on at the same time. Both are also on later, but the RPM is with my favourite instructor (who I am missing seeing tonight) and the later combat class is only 45mins worth instead of the full hour. Now I dont know which one I want to do and I guess its good that I have options because if the RPM class is full then I can do either class. I just dont know if I'll be feeling up to it enough to hang around and do 2 classes tomorrow, I would really like to to give me a real kick start to the week, but I guess will have to wait and see how I feel.

take care


  1. I hate tricep pushups too! I don't think I do them right - they are so hard!

    I much prefer RPM to combat, but that's just my personal preference ;)

  2. hehe i hate tricep push ups too! :P they are evil!!
    Sounds like you had a great day :)