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Round 3 12WBT

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Measure Up!

Official starting stats

Round 3
weight 62.2  (up 2kgs from last weight round 2- shows emotions got a bit strong and hard-not anymore)
chest 96 cm
waist 77cm
knee distance 20
RT 46cm
LT 46
Front Round 3
Right Side
Left side- and bad photo of scar =$

Back Round 3

Well there you have it, photos scars and all. I'm out there and moving forward. Sorry about the blue line on the photos, I was sitting camera on a box and it tilted as the timer went off =P

Hope your all going well on your tasks and are ready to rock!

Luv always


  1. Mel.... I honestly don't know what to say, this is the first chance I have had to read your blog. I admire your honesty & bravery. Not just to share your experiences, but to have survived them.
    You are a bright, young, wonderful woman who has lots of life ahead. I hope that I can get to know you better over the next 12 weeks (and onwards!)

  2. TY <3 the support of the 12wbt family has been amazing in helping me to change cant wait to really kick some posts this round