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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4...lessons still to be learnt

AKA get organised and have food prepared, particularly for work experience days when on holidays!! Temptation of shopping centre food court fine, the drive home when its dark and hungry not so fine. Made an ok choice just not the best choice.

In other news last nights sleep was possibly the worst for some time without me knowing it was bad. I know that wont make sense but I must of had nightmares or something cos I woke up late this morning drenched in sweat and heart racing, yet I dont remember anything of what I dreamt of. That started me on the wrong foot today, and I kinda cheated my exercise a little. I did the outdoor toning program in my room which was fine (except for towel pulls) and did the abs section. I made up for it when I went to work experience tonight though did extra leg curl, biceps and triceps on the machines whilst the boys were taking forever to get moving.

Will be so glad when this work experience thing is over, its starting to drag on now, down to 6wks for the first finisher and then 10weeks to the final one. I'm still job hunting and still as unsuccessful at the moment. I did receive an email asking for coaches of the junior teams of my softball club. Which would work out good becasue then I recive a 50% discount on my fees and if I do any umpiring will get paid either $15 or $30 per game depending on if i do a base or a plate. The only thing stopping me from calling to see if they still need the junior coaches is the fact that I hate making phone calls full stop and the guy you have to apply to doesnt' like me and therefore i"m thinking he might not give it to me cos he wants to judge me =$ And I'm also not sure if i will have time to get from Elizabeth to West Beach in 1hr on a Saturday morning. So I have kinda held off calling until I can talk to my supervisor about leaving earlier on the Saturday sessions, but she is away this week so I dont know when I can talk to her and then I'm thinking they will have filled the position.

Now things achieved are, buying new cross trainers, 4 days straight exercise-yet to miss an exercise session (although todays wasn't a real session- the exercises still got done), remembering to take my tablet and drinking water. Room for improvement things are planning on wk/exp days, healthy snacks (again just wasnt prepared) and food disappearing... (especially fruit yoghurt and spinach).

I did get my to do list written out today, and have got more idea of red flags now, pretty much every Saturday and Thursday are going to be my danger zones, because of work experience and softball and having no uni distractions (Thursday) gives me more time to think about food and talk myself into going to get stuff I dont need. However it also means I have more time to get a killer session in.

So feeling a little blah tonight, bit emotional and tired from work experience (one of the gym junky muscle men  1/2 yelled at me to move my stuff and I got very jumpy) and bit crappy over food choices. But tomorrow I'm going to redo the fitness test (with a more open mind), do the core workout from the outdoor program and if I'm up early enough get along to a class (probably rpm me thinks).

My aim for the next week is to be up early enough to watch the sunrise at least 3 days (the actual sun not the show =P) while I'm out either walking/running or going/coming from the gym, to give me a little reminder the world isn't all bad and horrible.

Until tomorrow, unless I have a lightbulb moment tonight



  1. 3 sunrises is a great goal!

    In regards to food choices, I would absolutely recommend going through all the recipes in the index and picking a few that will freeze well. That way you can have them in the freezer and if there is a night where you have had a rough one, or can't cook a fresh meal, then you have a good choice available to you right away. I absolutely recommend the Thai Pumpkin Soup. A bit spicy but at 230 calories it is a great meal with not a lot of weight to it :)

  2. Yeah I have got some stuff frozen and that was my original plan for last night I just ran out of willpower to get home to eat it. I love the pumpkin soup and minestrone soup recipes there awesome. I do have to kinda coordinate my freezing of things when housemates haven't done a large shop though or else I end up with my stuff being removed from the freezer to fit their bread and crap in (joys of share houses)but thats another story, for now I need to focus on the daily plan and buy another pin up board to have the daily plan easily accessible/visible =)

    Thanks for all ur comments Margaret there really appreciated xx