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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Its Not Fair morning

I was writing a post for the forums this morning, about where my head is failing etc and I came to the end and realised all I wanted to do was scream ITS NOT FAIR!! and curl up into a ball and cry myself back to sleep (which I might yet do). Seriously so frustrated at everything right now, I know what I need to do yet I'm not doing that and I have to ask why? Am I asking too much of myself right now in terms of coping with the emotional stuff as well as the physical training etc? Is it too much pressure from the family with the 'wardrobe bribe'? Is today just a bad day so I need to push through doing whatever I can until it gets better?

I wish I knew. I do know that tears at 10am on a Monday morning are never a good sign..... sigh this really sucks-sorry for turning this blog into a rather depressing affair the past few days, it will improve at some point-I hope


  1. Hang in there Mel, It will all fall into place. I had a dy yesterday where everyone just annoyed me.............. It wasn't thier fault, it was just me.
    It will all work out for you but you just have to be strong when the times are tough. Your 12wbt family are also here to support you

  2. Thanks Linda

    I know it was just a day and it doesnt surprise me that I had it, I tend to find myself a bit of a sad sop when holidays are here, I really struggle to motivate myself to do anything much if I dont have plans made in advance. I love the 12wbt family support, means the world

    hope you have a great week xx