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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 3 Weigh In

This is a super quick update with my weigh in results from this morning (I've got 20mins until tutorial starts and of course I chose to  update my blog rather than do any readings =P).

I procrastinated doing my weigh in this morning, I did briefly wake up at 6am and then very quickly feel back asleep until 8:45, then I just didnt' want to do it. I was truely scared I would gain and I didn't want to deal with what that would have done to my head. Basically I just wasn't in the mood to deal with a gain this week. Anyway I eventually got a msg from a 12wbt friend asking how my weigh in went etc. That gave me the kick to JFDI so I jumped on and almost fell off =D

I saw a 5!!! 59.6 infact. So I am now officially below 60! I screamed (couldn't help it-no one was home). Very happy with a 700g loss this week, feels good to know I am moving forward no matter how freaking slowly its happened. Now the next goal is healthy BMI which is at 58.5, so only 1.1 to go (I'm hoping I can pull that off next week).

Anyways I'm off, just had to jump on and share my good news =D If I get time tonight I'll write more about the now huge mental battle to maintain/keep loosing, but for now I"m happy and avoiding the uni caf because I'm currently getting told I deserve a chocolate or 20 to reward my hard work (aka my head is now screaming because I'm the lowest ever and changing SO much stuff) anyways thats another story and I need to go to Health Promotion.

Mel =)

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