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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The positive side of life

I'm back again! I know sorry for the million postings of the past few days. I guess a lot comes out when I have time to sit and think, not all of it good.

Thats why I'm back again, I feel as if the last few posts have put quite a negative spin on this blog, I dont know why I'm thinking that but I am. So I'm back to check a few things and clear up a few issues in my head.

So in no particular order my achievements for 2010 so far;

  • completing my catch up semester at uni even though I was with the cohort lower than my actual level
  • signing up for 12wbt r1- the best birthday present I ever gave myself
  • doing the work experience program for all I complain about it at times, it really is rewarding and has helped my confidence a lot
  • losing 25 odd kgs
  • going from size 16 jeans to comfortable size 8
  • flying to Melbourne to do RunMelbourne
  • flying to Sydney for City2Surf
  • running 1km non stop for wk 4 mini milestone in round 1
  • running 10k non stop in Melbourne in 1h 21min 57sec
  • Increasing wall sit from 1min 10 in round 1 to now well over 3mins
  • rejoining the gym
  • trying classes
  • getting my hair cut (it needs doing again)
  • listening to myself when I was told crap news at doctors and fighting to get a real answer
  • Passing Applied Biomechanics!! (with a Credit thank you very much!!)
  • Winning an award for last seasons softball for willingness to volunteer and umpire
  • Going to Sydney for round 2 party
  • Staying in Sydney and not running away after the massive breakdown
  • Crying in front of people
  • Crying in front of Nona
  • Sharing my story and releasing parts of the burden
  • Listening to my body in many ways (emotionally, physically-ie docs/medication changes, mentally-challenging the negativity)
  • Letting myself plan things now and follow through on those plans
  • Spending time each day doing something good for me, even if its writing in this blog, brushing my hair, making my bed, showing myself I do value myself and I am worthy
  • Asking for help when I need it
  • Making phone calls to people, and not just when I have to for something specific
  • The huge challenges I've faced with the abuse issue, including facing him again, dealing with the messages and shame, letting the emotions through, asking for help to deal with them, breathing, not hurting myself as much, recognising the bad days and the bad memories and generally feeling like its finally moving forward.
  • Most importantly finding hope and a love for life again
I could go on but I need sleep, so I'll leave it there, I'm sure there are many other things I've done and these are just the tip of it.
Much Love

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