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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 15- Back in the running

Hi everyone
I know what a shock, no blog from me for a whole day! its a new record =P. A quick rundown of yesterday. Up at about 4am confused over daylight savings time changes, went back to sleep, woke up again at 7am, which was good. Picked up at 7:40 to go and walk the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty track, 3.9km one way up the side of Mount Lofty so its steep. This was the first time I've attempted to walk the whole thing. I got 2/3 of the way up a few months ago when walking with housemate and her friend, but we had to turn back because it was fast getting dark and her friend was having some leg cramps.

Yesterday was a different story, we got up and went for it, got to the top dead on 1hr 1min. Spent a few minutes walking around enjoying the view, got the essential 'we made it to top' pic, re applied the sunscreen and back we went, straight back down. I think the way down took around 45mins, all in all my HRM said 2hrs 2mins and 636cals. Because of the interrupted sleep I came home, dragged on my compression pants and calf guards and feel asleep. I might add this wasnt just a usual nap it turned into a 4hr mega snoozeathon (oops). I wasn't too worried though because I obviously needed it and it was really good to fall asleep knowing I didnt have to wake up to an alarm. Later in the afternoon, Debbie (housemate) and I decided to take advantage of the daylight savings and head off for a quick jog, we did C25K wk 4 which is 3min run, 1.5m walk, 5min run, 2.5 min walk and repeat. I struggled initially because my calves were tight as anything, but pushed through it and kept going, so that completed for another 230 cals. Total for the day was 2.5hr session and 870 (roughly) cals.  then headed out to watch Tomorrow When the War Began at the late screening last night (avoided the candy bar). It was a late one because the houseguest I spoke about last week arrived yesterday, and he went out to get back in at 2am this morning! I kinda stayed awake so I wasn't woken from a deep sleep when he came back in.

The big news of today is I am running again!!!! Despite waking up with very stiff and sorry calf and butt muscles, I knew i had to do something and given my extremely unplanned late night I had managed to miss my scheduled rpm class. So I got dressed and out the door, put on c25k wk 5 d3 and off I went. This was a 20 min run non stop. Now I know this isn't anything to exactly write home about, but for me it is significant. Its the first run I've done of a decent length since City2Surf where I haven't stopped or given in to mental voices or pain and to do it today when my legs were already feeling pretty heavy felt great to achieve it. Considering I have a 10k Race 4 Life on October 17th I knew i had to get my butt moving seriously to even think of running the whole thing. Now that I've done that 3k this morning its just given me a bit more of a boost that I can still run, even if i haven't and the only thing I need is practice- which i'm working on.

So the goal for this week is to do 5k on Wednesday and try for a longer run on Sunday of about 7-8km. Provided I can get an 8km practice run in I know I can do the full 10 on race day.

I also posted to very important announcements on twitter just before. I'm copying my tweet onto here just so you can all share with me =P

i have 2 announcements of great importance  1. I'm starving today and 2. my butt hurts!! dang Mt Lofty climb+running 

So now I'm off to do some very gentle stretching and foam rollering to hopefully walk a little easier tomorrow at uni. EEK did I mention I go back to uni tomorrow? Nah I'm actually almost looking forward to having a routine again. In saying that its only 5 weeks now until I have my Wednesday nights back again =).

Hope your all having a blast in this great weather we have at the moment (well Adelaide's weather is nice anyway) I"m off to eat an orange and get rid of the hunger pains.

M =)

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